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3 Ways to Improve IT Recruitment in Brexit Threatened Sectors

June 12, 2019 . 11:50 am

If you’re looking to recruit an IT professional you’ve probably found it harder than expected. Worse, if you’re in an industry seriously threatened by Brexit your recruitment problems are likely to be much worse. 

May’s UK Job Market report from KPMG and REC details a rise in vacancies and an inevitable drop in candidate availability across all sectors making it the worst talent-short month since January. Employers and recruiters are finding it increasingly difficult to source and secure talent, especially in the technology sectors. Brexit uncertainty is cited as the main culprit for causing candidate job move hesitation, especially in industries like Financial Services, Automotive and Construction which are expected to suffer badly post Brexit.

James Stewart, Vice Chair at KPMG commented, “Of increasing concern is that uncertainty is feeding through to weaker growth in job vacancies, while the supply of candidates fell sharply as people are becoming more risk averse with regards to switching roles. Relatively muted trends for permanent staff vacancies were seen across the board, with retail, construction and executive/professional hit particularly badly.”

Challenging times for sure but you’ve still got a vacancy to fill!

We’ve come up with 3 ways to attract and secure more candidates into Brexit threatened sectors.

Employer Brand & Proposition

The best candidates are seeking opportunities capable of meeting their personal goals which typically relate to career progression, new experiences and skill development.

With that in mind, communicating a recent, clear company vision together with a set of strategic objectives can help candidates visualise their own success and reassure them that there is a plan in spite of Brexit.

Develop your online employer brand library to include Management Interviews, staff interviews, tours and engaging video content to help support the company vision and values.

Maximise your talent attraction model by detailing everything great about your company from an employee perspective. You might take for granted the training budgets, international secondments or the subsidised café but these perks might be the very thing to convince someone to apply.

The Job Advert & Recruitment Agency Brief

Realise that you’re up against employment competitors, some of which will be in more Brexit friendly sectors, and create a pitch designed to excite.   

People are more likely to take a risk if the personal benefits are good enough. As such, sell the opportunity instead of the job. Lead with the main objectives of the role and what a person might benefit from by succeeding. Having excited the candidate, follow up with the skills and experiences required to get the job with clear instructions on how to apply.

Recruitment Agencies are on the front line verbally communicating with prospective candidates. Tackle Brexit head on by preparing for the inevitable objections and brief the agencies with ideas for responding to candidate concerns.  

Candidate Experience

People make decisions based on their experience. If a recruitment process is too long, demanding, stressful or boring expect disengagement. Review the existing process and look for ways to improve it.

Ensure your recruitment consultants, HR personnel and Interviewers are well briefed and prepared to deliver a seamless experience from the application process right through to start date.

Having recognised the need to sell the opportunity, make sure the hiring managers and interviewers are trained to present the job in a way that excites the candidate. If a candidate leaves an interview without a desire to at least consider the opportunity, expect failure. As before, don’t allow these people to interview anyone without knowing how to handle Brexit related concerns.

Our expert IT recruitment consultants are here to take the pressure off you when recruiting someone new, permanent or contract. We liaise with candidates with the utmost care to ensure that their candidate experience is a positive one. Call us on 0207 788 6600 and let us help you Recruit Someone Worth Recruiting.


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