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5 Ideas To Beat The Post Holiday Blues

August 20, 2019 . 10:33 am

Holidays are almost always brilliant even if things don’t go to plan. The break itself is holiday enough giving us all a brief opportunity to cut the cord from work and think about something else for a change. However, for many of us there is no escape from the inevitable downer that often sets in towards the end when our minds automatically begin to think about work once again. 

Despite our best efforts, thoughts start to trickle in, “did Sarah call Kellogg’s on Friday as planned?”, “did I activate my Out-Of-Office?”, “Should I call in just to check everything is OK?”, etc. Whatever the worry, surely there’s a better way?

Here are a few ideas to help you maintain your holiday high and avoid crashing down to earth.


Be Positive

Shocking news – you prefer a beach to your desk. Add that mind-blowing thought to the nailed on fact that you’re flying home tomorrow and hey presto, you don’t want to go back. Naturally your brain starts to come up with all the reasons why your life is worse that being on a beach and before you know it you’re on a downer.

This can be avoided! Assuming that you intend to keep your job, think about all the reasons why your job is great. Remember why you joined the company and why you continue to stay. The people, the technology, career advancements, the daily experience, your boss and even the rewards. Its easy to convince yourself that work is bad and beaches are good but unless you intend to pack up and open a surf shack, it’s a pointless comparison destined only to incubate negativity and increase your feelings of dread.


Be Innovative

Maybe you’re right. Perhaps your job is boring, the commute is a drag and pay is lousy. But, what can you do about it? Instead of complaining, seize control and take action. If resignation is a little dramatic, look for the benefits in those apparently negative points and seek ways of reclaiming happiness such as, utilising time spent commuting by reading, watching or listening for your own pleasure or to learn. You might even look forward to the hour on your own!

Talk to your bosses and tell them you need challenging. Request involvement in new projects, interact with different colleagues and show interest in other areas of the business.  Assess your own job and look for opportunities to personally benefit such as deliberately taking on a task that directly challenges your weakest skill. Do something! 


Be Organised

One of the most common reasons for stress at work is disorganisation. Like damp it can slowly seep into all areas of your job making even the simplest of tasks very difficult. Small wonder why life on a beach seems so appealing after all, who on earth would want to return to a toxic environment of chaos, confusion and pressure?

Top tip – write out your job description starting with the purpose of the role ahead of a concise list of responsibilities and the tasks required to deliver them. Put them into order of process and assess each one looking for ways to better prepare, improve or delegate. Once complete you’ll realise that nearly everything can be predicted and planned reducing stress down to the simple execution. Ahhhhh. 


Be Proactive

Change can sometimes provide great relief. Before you go away on holiday, be aware of the post holiday blues and try to change something fundamental about your experience at work. Changing desks can be a easy way to alter your perception allowing you to look forward to the new experience of sitting with Bill instead of Ben. Flobadob.


Be Prepared

You’ve been away. Unavoidably you’re going to have to catch up be it with emails, staff, clients or tasks. Whatever the pressure, allow yourself time to reintegrate. Anticipate a slow start with people coming at you from all angles talking about your holiday, gossip and other work related news. Expect to open Outlook to 500 unopened emails while neglected colleagues interrupt you for help. Predict that your boss will selfishly invite you for a ‘catch up’ just as you’ve sat down to do something. Plan and prepare for it and all will be well. 

Take it easy safe in the knowledge that this madness was actually part of your plan.

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