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How we work 

By taking the time to know you, your company and the role we become an advocate for your business, and the vacancy. We see it very much as a partnership with you, selling the opportunity, to achieve the very best results. 


We always start with our own data. This has been built up since we started in 1999 and holds over 78,000 contract and permanent candidates for both IT roles. The data is updated continually, enabling us to track candidate availability and the recruitment process for your vacancy.


Your perfect candidate may not be on the open market, in which case referrals from our extensive contacts, and using our headhunting skills can be very effective. We see headhunting as reverse selling – persuading your perfect candidate that they would like to leave their current role, takes some encouragement.


Using the leading online job boards we can ensure your vacancy gets maximum exposure, attracting the best candidates. 

Through the database facility, we can pick up active job seekers with relevant skills too. 


Job seekers already registered with us receive alerts via email or text when relevant roles are entered onto the system. This allows our recruitment consultants to proactively target the best candidates quickly, ahead of our competitors.


We are continually testing relevant online and offline channels to determine the most effective way of allowing us a greater reach to attract the best people for you. We utilise niche and mainstream groups, to maximum advantage.


We spend over 10% of our turnover on research and development; testing, measuring and evaluating traditional and new methods of attraction. We do that because we are serious about getting the best results for you.

Sometimes, you will have very tight deadlines so we will refine our search even further to make sure we meet the interview times and specified start dates for your vacancy.

Once we have spoken to the candidates, and made sure they are a good fit, we can offer technical testing. We use an extensive online testing tool for assessing a range of

skills from desktop support through to complex technical programming. We give you the opportunity to take the test, so you can see just how powerful it is. You can then agree with us the parameters for testing candidates so you achieve the best supporting assessment when determining the best people to interview.

We will liaise with you and the candidates throughout the process, handling telephone interviews, arranging face to face interviews with you, and negotiating the final outcomes. We want to make it as pain free as possible, and ensure we deliver the very best result for you.