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HR Recruitment

Recruiting HR professionals can be hugely challenging for business.

HR recruitment is a tough gig. You need someone strong enough to deal with rough stuff – all those nasty things nobody else wants to do, but gentle enough to coach and cajole those who need it.

Getting it right will have a massive impact on the business – suddenly so many of your people issues will just melt away. But get it wrong and oh dear!

If you are a small business, this may be the first time you have employed a dedicated HR professional, so understandably you’re nervous. Equally, you may have decided to increase your HR team, or need someone to fill a temporary role.

The fact remains – HR is pivotal in any company. Invariably, this is the department who recruits the rest of the people in your business, and ensures everybody performs to the best of their ability. So, you want to make sure you get the best HR professional for your organisation.


Our experienced and professional recruiters have significant experience in working with highly qualified people, and are well placed to assist you in making the best appointment for your business. 

We will work closely with you to fill permanent, interim or contract HR vacancies. We have already supported organisations similar to yours with the placement of HR Managers, HR Partners and interim HR Directors. From those on the first rung of their HR career through to HR Director we can help you