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Interview Attire

December 1, 2018 . 10:30 am

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First impressions are everything! Now that there are so many different dress codes for work, it can be difficult to judge what will be deemed most appropriate so that you make a good first impression to the candidate, whilst adhering to your organisations dress code. Your attire plays a pivotal role in the interview and can heavily influence a candidate’s decision as to whether they want to work with you or not – whether it is consciously or subconsciously.

To avoid any unwanted judgement about your attire, we would advise to always play safe and go for a traditional suit. This is the equivalent of turning up to the interview with a blank canvas – there is little room for pre-judgement if you wear a traditional suit. A suit will always look smart, clean and professional. Even if you usually dress less formally to work – don’t be tempted to.. You can dress casually every other day of the year. The interview is a professional meeting and more formal than a typical day at the office.

Attire must be fitted correctly and appropriate. Having to adjust ill-fitted garments all the way through the interview can hinder your ability to conduct an interview in a professional manner and can also be distracting for the candidate.

Be prepared! Prepare your outfit the night before. Interviews are not only nerve-wrecking for the candidate, but the interviewer too. Keep nerves at bay by ensuring that any jobs that can be done the night before- are done the night before! Having the added stress of deciding what to wear on the day will certainly lead to unwanted stress.

Most importantly – conduct, interpersonal skills and ability to formulate and articulate well-constructed questions is key. If the candidate is right for the role and they want the job they will certainly see past what you are wearing, but appropriate dress will give your company a good head start.

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