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IT Contractors can be more cost effective

February 18, 2019 . 10:01 am

If you are considering a new project and taking on a short term contractor to support the day to day issues, or are being pressured to let the vendor carry out the installation themselves, please consider this …
Getting an expert IT Contractor to undertake the actual project can be much more cost effective than undertaking it yourself and using a short term contractor to support the day to day issues.

Projects aren’t undertaken on a whim and very often have both time and cost restraints and getting it right first time and within budget is vital to its success.  Even if you re-assign someone within your existing team to carry out your new project, entrusting something so important to someone who may not necessarily have all of the skills or specific experience will be delving into the unknown.  They will most likely be learning on the job which will ultimately work out more costly in the long term, not even taking into account the extra stress experienced by both parties.  And that’s before you think about the additional time taken to bring in an IT Support Contractor and get them up to speed to fulfill the role they will be covering.

Forget all that! You’ve made enough sacrifices and carried too much stress for far too long. For once, reap the benefit for yourself and really take advantage of the IT Contract market.

Get an expert Contractor in!  Not just an IT Contractor who has the skills, but a specialist IT Contractor who will have already completed these projects numerous times, with references to prove it.

We are proud to say that we have saved one client several thousands of pounds by doing just this.  Instead of using a software vendor to carry out the installation, complete with their own phenomenal costs, we enabled the client to keep full control of the installation by supplying specialist, expert Contractors.  Due to the complexity of the project, we supplied 3 Contractors engaged at intervals, each one with a different skill for each stage of the project.  The project was completed on time and well within budget without any other area of the business suffering as a result.

We can supply you with an expert IT Contractor, within budget, to carry out your project to a strict timeframe, giving you peace of mind by knowing the exact cost of the project from the outset and allowing day to day IT Operations to carry on as seamlessly as possible.

Let us find you an expert IT Contractor who not only has the T Shirt but is going back to remake the film.  Now is a great time to get on with those projects that have been hanging around and getting specialist contractors has never been cheaper than it is now. You can buy in an expert who can turn a project around to a set schedule and budget.

We have been recruiting IT Contractors and permanent IT staff for over 19 years, we have an extensive network of experienced contractors, so let us know all about the project  – not just the skills needed  –  and we will find you an expert contractor who has the experience of undertaking that specific project.