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Langley James Snaps Up Talented IT Resourcer

October 16, 2019 . 4:29 pm

Langley James welcomes Andrew Burton to the IT Resourcing team. 

Hiring a Resourcer with over 3 years recruitment experience, a 1st class degree in computer information systems and a past career in IT support and development was an opportunity too good to miss for IT recruitment agency Langley James. 

 “Bringing in someone with Andy’s experience adds great value to the team and our service levels. He’s been with us for just a week but already his knowledge has proven very useful with clients. I’m certain he’ll enjoy great success.” Said James Toovey, Managing Director of Langley James.

October looks set to be yet another busy month for the Langley James with more new staff due to start in the coming weeks. 

“Business is very good at the moment despite what the media says. Although companies are being understandably cautious with their hiring decisions we’re yet to experience a slowdown of any kind.  This year Langley James has invested heavily in technology, process development and talent to meet demand and remain ahead of the competition.”

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