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Proof is in the Pudding

November 20, 2018 . 2:23 pm

I don’t know about you, but if it were up to me, pudding wouldn’t be the last thing on the menu, it would be the first. Who wouldn’t want all that delicious chocolatey, nutty flavour to start a meal off with?

Recruiting people is a bit like sitting down to a meal. For starters you sample the CV’s, then you chew your way through the interviews, but ultimately it comes down to pudding – can they actually do the job?

There is only so much you can learn from a CV, and while interviews are more insightful, some people interview really well, but when hired don’t seem to be able to deliver the goods.

In recruiting that’s ultimately what it comes down to. So how can you go straight to the pudding? How can you discern more accurately if a person will actually be able to do the job? By working with the right recruitment partner.

At Langley James we do more than sift through CV’s and interview candidates. In preparing a shortlist of suitable candidates for our clients we have a rigorous approach to screening which involves scenario questions and a detailed analysis of their abilities, interests, ambitions and personality.

In this type of screening there is only so much a person can bluff their way through and it quickly sorts out the experts from the fast talkers.

While there’s never a 100% guarantee, it certainly tips the odds in your favour when you know the candidates on the shortlist have already had to run the gauntlet and prove their competency in more ways than one. This is the value you will get when partnering with Langley James.

Now back to the all-important subject of pudding, what do you think I should make for Sunday lunch? Hot Fudge Sundae, Sticky Toffee Pudding, or Berry Pavlova?