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Why is September One of the Best Months to Recruit?

September 1, 2019 . 11:05 am


Happy September!  Can you believe it’s here already?

The holiday season is now officially over, the kids are reluctantly heading back in school after the summer break and there’s a feeling of ‘business as usual’ in the air.  While some of us are yet to have a break, many people have spent at least part of the summer reflecting and realigning their career aspirations and are most likely to review their career at this time of year. 

As the leaves begin to change, so too does the recruitment landscape.  Candidate availability rises and falls throughout the year so being aware of the best times to recruit can pay serious dividends if you are planning to expand your team or make that all important senior hire.

In September, as we our holiday memories begin to fade, recruitment returns high on the agenda for both clients and candidates. As such, this is one of the best months to start a recruitment process as the market experiences a number of new candidates suddenly raising their hands with a renewed sense of urgency.

All the signs predict that we are about to see a surge in activity as over 50% of UK workers recently revealed that they are now open to a new role as the summer comes to an end.  And as workplace morale is most likely to drop at this time of year, it really is an ideal time to attract the very best.

You may think that with activity increasing in September that you will have more competition in the market for the very best person for your role, and whilst there is a small amount of truth in this, waiting just 8 more weeks will see candidates interest in a new job begin to fall as Christmas approaches. 

So, if you’re thinking about recruiting, consider raising the tempo to take advantage of the short autumnal talent boom.  

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