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Here are some soundbites taken from testimonials from happy clients.
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“I know from both sides how effective the recruitment is when personalities are matched, rather than focusing solely on skills.”

“I never felt there was any pressure to select a particular candidate, or being swamped with unsuitable CVs.”

“When interviewing the candidates, they were always well briefed prior to the interview, well presented and did not disappoint technically – testimony to the attention to detail paid by Langley James during the recruitment process.”

“I was pleased we weren’t bombarded with large numbers of inappropriate CVs and the communications throughout were swift, efficient and professional, and without being too demanding or pushy which is a failing of many recruitment companies in my experience.”

“Their approach is very much focusing on quality rather than quantity of candidates, which is what I expect from a recruitment consultant.”

“They have shown they are very knowledgeable and have an active network in the IT sector, which has helped not only in recruitment, but also in salary comparisons and other areas of reference.” 

“The consultants are thorough, knowledgeable and strive to gain a clear understanding of the job roles and our requirements to deliver CVs to a high standard, often for roles our other recruiters have struggled to fill.” 

“They always, within agreed and sometimes short timeframes, give a good choice of relevant candidates, which has at times made our decision of final candidate rather difficult. Always a preferable position to be in rather than having to choose from the best of a bad bunch.”